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International Student Placements


International Student Placements PDF Print E-mail

As a parent/guardian, a good education is the best legacy that you can give to your child/ward. Whether you are looking for high school, pre-university, under-graduate, or post-graduate programs, we can help you find the school that is a best fit for your child/ward, and within your budget.


With a thorough knowledge of the Canadian educational system (children of key members of our team have graduated from top Canadian universities and are gainfully employed), we are well equipped in providing the information and guidance to help you in making the best decision on your child/ward's education in Canada. 

Why Canadian education?

  • globally recognised diplomas and degrees
  • affordability - cheaper than the UK and USA
  • low crime rate and very safe environment
  • multiculturalism and diversity - your child will learn to relate and respect other cultures
  • opportunity to live permanently in Canada after your studies as a permanent residence, if you qualify

How can we help?

  • study permit processing
  • renewal and extension of study permit
  • arrange placement with our collaborating schools
  • provide information about school programs
  • coordinate airport pickup on request at Pearson International Airport
  • counselling and advisory services
  • guardianship for minor students on request

Secondary and Pre-university


We currently represent Hamilton District Christian High School (HDCHS) - a co-educational private school with full boarding facilities. Located on a 60 acre property in the city of Hamilton Ontario, about one and a half hour drive from the city of Toronto, HDCHS offers strong academic programs, excellent extra-curriculum activities, and good Christian values. Students of other faiths may also apply provided they are of high moral standards.

Upon the successful completion of their programs at HDCHS, students are awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a pre-requisite for admission into universities in the province of Ontario. The OSSD is globally recognised, and students may choose to attend other universities in other provinces in Canada, or anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of pre-university program?

  • easy transition to Canadian colleges and universities
  • helping bridge for international students aspiring for college and university education - Smooth transition for international students aspiring for Canadian colleges and universities
  • enhance chances of admission to top rated colleges and universities - foreign students are evaluated for admission on same basis as Canadian students
  • help students develop specific education plan based on college/university entry requirements
  • recommend and assist students to apply to colleges and universities
  • assist with the admission process and documentation
  • opportunity to meet people of various nationalities and foster lifetime friendships

If you are interested in attending Hamilton Christian High School, complete the Student Placement Form and forward the completed forms as e-mail attachments.

Undergraduate or post-graduate programs

Every year, thousands of foreign students come to Canada from all over the world to study. While here, they make new friends that may last a lifetime, and on returning home, their Canadian credentials open many employment opportunities for them.

Another benefit of studying in Canada is that you may apply to become a permanent resident under the Canadian experience class, if you qualify. Click here to complete our Request for Information Form, if you would like to learn more about undergraduate/post-graduate opportunities in Canada.




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